Women's Bible Study

Will resume this coming Tuesday, January 11, at 10:30 a.m.  The topic will be 'Noah.'  We invite all the ladies to join us for this special time of studying God's Word and enjoying fellowship with our sisters in Christ. We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays through May.  Contact leader Dorothy Paul if questions (482-2647).

Superior Hand Bells

A big thank you to the "Spirit of Superior Handbell Choir" for providing special music for our service today. Choir Members: Emily Dekker Fiala, Lisa Gregg, Bethany Leonard, Ardys Maki, & Jodi Miller.

Download our New and Improved Mobile App

Available on Apple and Android devices. Text "app" to 833-891-2134 to download. If you had our previous app here's what to do. On Apple, simply update the app. On Android, you will need to delete the old app and download the new one. Once you download the app, make sure you sign in to have your groups and schedules sync up. 

Neighbor in Need, Snow Removal

During the neighborhood cleanup this fall, we met Missy Witting and her 92 year-old mother, Shirley Roberts, who live a few blocks away from our church in Hurontown. They could use some help with snow removal this winter. We ask that you include Missy and her family in your prayers, and if anyone thinks they may be able to help out, please let us know by emailing or calling 906-281-1075.