$2 Challenge Stories - 2015

My daughter and I made cookies. We then gave out the cookies to the Nurses at Portage Health hospital and the librarians. The nurse at the counter you could tell was tired and the expression on her face told me that she was expecting another help question. When I told her we were giving cookies as part of our church's two dollar challenge her expression changed to a happier one. The librarian was the same way when she came out of office to greet us, but the surprise of cookies made her very happy! It was great involving my children with me on this. My daughter loved helping make the cookies. Then to think of a child having to give away cookies!! I was very proud of my daughter and I thank the Church for providing the opportunity to reinforce to my daughter good feeling of giving.

-Christopher Middlebrook

I received an envelope from my professor at Michigan Tech, Jonathan Leinonen. I found it to be quite a surprise that Jon had enclosed $10. I kindly thanked him, and then made my way to the campus bookstore where I purchased a tee shirt for my new born baby sister.

-Kelby Chrivia

I combined your 2 dollars with 5 of my own and gave it to the pharmacy at ShopKo to go towards someone's co-pay. I hope that it will allow someone to get the medication they need who may not be able to afford it on their own. Thanks for the 2 dollars!

-John Tolonen

Tradition has us picking a Christmas tree from the Snoqualmie Valley Venturing Club tree lot after Thanksgiving. Tip jars abound throughout the lot!! The $2.00 challenge found its way into one of the jars.

We pooled our money and purchased snow pants for a boy who didn't have any.

-Cooke Family

Our $4 paid for the car behind us to cross the Mackinaw Bridge.

-Glenn and Andi Schuldt

Gehrkes took a family picture and printed it off. We then made cards for the homebound members of our congregation and brought the cards/pictures to them.

-Gehrke Family

My cousin, Shirley Lescelius was at worship with me when we visited two Sundays ago - she had fun with her $2. She wanted to bless the residents of Rice House, so she used the money to purchase a brownie mix. With her own money, she purchased mint chocolate chip ice cream. She baked the brownies, and served them with the ice cream to all the staff and residents. The effect? "A nice treat for everybody." A sweet way to share some love.

-Kay Seppala

After church on Sunday morning I went to grab a few things we needed for dinner at a local store. While in line I noticed the man in front of me with just 1 gallon of milk. He had said to the clerk that he just needed this milk, but when he tried to use his card it would not work, at this point he was searching for money in his pockets and wallet. It looked as if he might have to leave without the milk he had come for so I told the clerk to put it on my bill and gave the man the milk. I told him to be blessed that this was my two dollar challenge.

-Troy Wescott

For my $2 challenge, I am adding $5 of my own money to make the $7 shipping donation for an extra Operation Christmas Child box. It was a great impetus for me to get moving on filling my boxes. The impact? Eternal - as the children receive the Good News along with the items in the Shoe Boxes.

-Kay Seppala

I went to our local Shopko and talked to the pharmacist. I explained what my intention was and then had Paul read the envelope. I told him that I was adding $3.00 of my own money to the $2.00 in the envelope. With it give it to a person that is buying a medication using cash and NOT using an insurance card. He spoke to his associate in front of me and they fully understood my contribution.

-Louie DePuydt

I bought some stamps and wrote notes of gratitude to some people who have done so much for not me per se, but people I love. For example, one note went to the wonderful preschool teacher that has been influential in 5 of my grandchildren's lives.

-Karyn Fay

I bought 7 sets of mittens, in ladies and children’s sizes, to hang on the Bay Tek Games mitten tree. They are donated to P.A.C.E. (Pulaski Area Community Education).

-Kylee Treankler

Today I had coffee & bakery at a restaurant where I know the waitress. She is a single mom of three children and I'm sure money is tight in their household. Upon paying my bill I left her a $2.00 + tip. She was very appreciative and it made me feel good; now to remember to do this on my own without the $2.00 challenge from the church. Thanks for the idea!

-Susan Maijala

We bought two pies to get donated to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly for their Thanksgiving Dinner.

-Gaffney Family

The money was given to a fellow college student for the mission trip they are going on to Guatemala over Christmas break. I hope it helps decrease any funding issues this trip may have caused and allows the student to joyfully share the love of Christ while there.

-Shane Kleiman

We donated our money to the Michigan Tech Food Access Network. They stock a food pantry to buy food and supplies for students in need.

-Bryant & Stacy Weathers

On our holiday travels, Melissa and I pooled our money together to pay the toll at the Mackinac Bridge for the vehicle behind us both on the way down and back up to MTU. We felt happy and blessed to have the opportunity to brighten someone's day. We hope to do other small acts of kindness in the future.

-Ryan Spaulding

My money was used to pay admission for two students to attend a science program at the Rosza. Hopefully this program will fuel desire for learning and encourage these students to work hard for a good education

-Deb Olson

We purchased Thanksgiving cards and sent them to several families that have made a difference in our lives. A personal note was attached to each card. There are too many times in one's life that a "Thank You" goes unsaid. It took a $2.00 gift from the church to spark what should have been said years ago. I hope the recipients feel good about who they are and what they do for our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ.

-Greg & Sherry Blust

I took our family's money and just randomly walked up to people in Walmart that had a turkey in the cart and handed them two dollars and said, "Hi, I'm from Saints Peter and Paul and I would like to give you $2 towards your turkey." I ended with "Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas." I think do this again at Easter and hand each of my kids $2 to give to people to buy hams.

-Annikka Chrestensen

For our two dollar challenge, we took our money and pooled it was some of our own to buy flowers for the ladies up at the Bluffs. We were paid back with lots of smiles and even some hugs. We made a new friend today, too.

-The Chalgren Family

The Hietala family has decided to donate our combined money to Iron Mountain, VA medical centers fund for homeless and in need veterans.

-The Hietala Family

I added three dollars to my challenge. I gave the money to my co-worker. She is a single mom raising two boys and needed money for the coin operated dryers at the laundromat. It made my day just to see her face when I handed her the money needed for the dryer.

-Elaine Klemm

For the two dollar challenge I bought a devotional for a girl in my house who has been in a rediscovery phase in her walk with God. It's one that I am going through right now, "Becoming a Woman of Excellence". Also Keagan used his for supplies for an Operation Christmas shoe box. He had never done it and totally went crazy searching for toys for a little boy.

-Elizabeth Wohlford

Our two dollar challenge is being donated to Samaritan's Purse, specifically their Chicken and Poultry Project. Having personal experience of raising chickens we thought this was appropriate!

-Sam & Denise Coates

We added to our four dollars to send $15.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

-Robert & Dorothy Paul

Mike donated his $2 to the change box at Pat's, for Little Brothers. Jasper and I made cookies, which we distributed to the Treehouse employees, the Parents Day Out volunteers, and a neighbor.

-Mike & Susanna Weber

I bought a bouquet of flowers for a friend going through a rough time.

-Renata Sommerville

As I was heading down the escalator at a metro station an elderly man caught my attention. He had a simple sign indicating he needed help and was not begging or pleading. Having the two dollar challenge on my mind started my mind thinking as I rode down the escalator. At the bottom I felt an urge to give the man some money so I went back up to give him the money. I didn't make a scene or anything just gave him the money and came back down the escalator. For the rest of the day, my mind was thinking about others and their well being and just to treat everyone in a loving way. For me it was a nice reminder of what we can receive by giving, my spirit was uplifted. Thank you for the challenge.

-Christopher Middlebrook

Heather and Amelia pooled their money together so that Amelia could by a calendar for her new "elderly" friend at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. Kaitlyn used her money to buy a friend a pasty. Emilie used her money (and then some) to pay the toll for someone on the Illinois toll road this weekend.

-The Sander Family

I volunteer as a "conversation partner" to help the wife of a Tech grad student learn English and adjust to American culture. Her English is not very good and last week she had written "diet" on a piece of paper and wanted to know what it meant. This led to a conversation about American diets and fast food. Yesterday I added to the $2 and took my new friend through the drive-thru at Jimmy Johns for sub sandwiches, explaining that this is "fast food". Thanks again for encouraging community outreach!

-Lisa Normand

I added some money and went to the laundry mat and put quarters in 2 machines for a gentleman there who was starting to do his wash.

-Gene Kuiper

John and I decided to put the 2 envelopes of $2/each toward a dinner bag at Econo Foods which will be given, by the Salvation Army, to a needy family. We added $6 of our own money to make it $10 total. The dinner bag donation was $9.99 so the remaining penny will be put into a penny dish at a local business for when another customer needs one.

-John & Jean Pemberton

A new hire at work sat outside on the bench. She had no lunch, no ride, nobody. She started crying about life and the troubles she has encountered lately. I was so troubled with what she told me. When she spoke to me she said she was praying before I came out to see her. That this new job was one prayer answered. She said now I pray I have enough gas to make it back here. My two dollar challenge along with my husband's plus extra I gave her. I explained your sermon and where I got the money. She hugged me and was amazed God works and the timing. I had another plan for the two dollar challenge and feel compelled to do it. I really feel fantastic about what I did and the influence from the sermon.

-Annette DePuydt

I put my $2 in the "slide slip" [The Children's Miracle Network coin vortex] at WalMart.

-Miriam Sommerville

I used my money to print pictures of our family and send them to my great-grandma.

-Elli Sommerville

A customer was ordering an item off of the menu at the restaurant I work at and when one of the waiters came up to me and said "we can't do the small size, he has to order a meal" (I knew that I could use my Two Dollar Challenge money and add on my $5.) I told the man that he couldn't order the small dish, and he was understanding. I then told him I had already ordered the meal separately and took care of the bill. He was very grateful. He then told me that the meal was for his 90 year old Mom who was at home and I felt very good about what I had done.

-Anna Gaffney