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Prayer Resources

Former Sermon Series on Prayer

Prayers to Teach at Home

Fasting Resources

Pastor Aaron's Sermon on Fasting

Generosity Resources

David Ramsey's: Financial Peace University

Memorization Resources

Simple Video to Get Started

A List of Verses to Memorize

Keys to Memorization

  • Meaningful
    • Make sure what you're memorizing is meaningful to you!
  • Organization
    • Organize the information in your brain in a way that you can retrieve it.
  • Association
    • Connect what you're memorizing with something that you already know well. 
  • Visualization
    • Create a mental picture of what it looks like, or even create a physical visual that you can look at. 
  • Attention
    • Be intentional that you're paying attention to what you're trying to memorize.

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Topical Memory System (TMS)