NEW Sermon Series: Prayer

Monday, July 24, 2017

Do you pray? When? How? With who? What words do you use?

Why even pray in the first place? If God knows everything, isn't He just going to do what He wants to do?

Prayer is one of those things that I think people are naturally inclined to do. I believe that all people have a natural knowledge that God exists, therefore we are bound to desire some sort of communication with powers greater than ourselves. Most people say they pray. Or, at least they have thoughts directed towards an outside force.

Check out this video from the Christian website THRED:

Even though people say they pray, if you put a Christian person on the spot and ask them if they've ever prayed out loud, many will say, "No" or "I don't know how." If you ask them whether they pray with their spouse or their families, they may have a dinner prayer, or a before bedtime prayer, but many are not even doing that.

So, how can I help you to create a habit of prayer in your own life, and your family's life?

For the next six weeks, on Sunday mornings, I want to teach you about prayer. We're going to get super practical. We'll ask some hard questions of God.

I pray - literally - that this series on prayer will be edifying for you, your families, this church, and all those you come into contact with.

Here are the list of topics and the dates that they will be covered:

  • July 30th - What is prayer?
  • August 6th - Why should we pray?
  • August 13th - How should we pray?
  • August 20th - Where should we pray?
  • August 27th - When should we pray?
  • September 3rd - How does God answer prayer? And what about when it seems He doesn't...?

If these topics seem interesting and applicable and you'll be gone at any point, you can stay up to date online here or even better would be to download our church app where everything will stay nicely synced up for you on your phone/tablet (you can watch sermons or download audio for offline listening). There is also always the audio podcast available through iTunes as well. 

With options like that, we pray that you will be able to stay in the loop even when you're not able to be at church on Sunday morning. Of course, we'd much prefer you make it to church if you're able. ;)