*SPECIAL Announcement

Through deep deep prayer we have decided that for the next 3 Sundays (October 4th, 11th, and 18th) our worship service will be available ONLINE ONLY. 

What?! Why?! 

Well, we'd like to invite you to watch this video first.

As pastors (the Latin word for "shepherd"), we feel that the flock (that is, the congregation) is all over the place right now. Some are trying to chart a course forward and are way ahead of the group. Some others are not. Some are way back. Neither of these positions are "better" or "worse" they're just different. As the pastors, we feel that we need to regroup and have a bit of breathing room to pasture the flock together as we chart the next course forward. Consider this a time to hang out together by the Psalm 23 quiet waters to restore our souls for His name's sake.

All of this is coupled with the uptick in cases locally, the schools being closed, etc, and the timing feels right to take this pause. 

No one has forced this upon us, and we don't want to have the issue forced upon us. 

We want to take this opportunity to reorient the congregation to what is most important -- Jesus -- and the unity that we can find in Him and in Him alone. 

We ask for your prayerful support in this. 

This may be a word that you don't really care for and perhaps disagree with. That's okay. We debated God on it for quite awhile as well.

But we pray that you hear our heart in the decision. 

Keep praying for us - your pastors (as we know you do), and we pray deeply for all of you and for this blessed congregation God has given to us! 

We love you all! 

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron 
Pastor Kevin

What does this mean for other ministries?

We want to encourage you to keep moving forward with all the other ministries you are part of - in particular, your small groups. 

If your group meets at church, we will still have our regular office hours here, and your rooms will be ready for you. 

Keep loving one another and proclaiming the light of Jesus Christ!

After the live-stream worship ends, please take time to discuss God's Word as a household as the Home Huddle will go live at 10am on Facebook and Youtube. 

This Week's Podcast

In our Conversate podcast this week, we discuss the chapter "Loud Tables" but we also got into a lengthier conversation about our heart and decision regarding this decision and how God was speaking to us in it. We'd encourage you to listen/watch when you have time. 

Listen Now


  • October 4th, 11th, and 18th worship services ONLINE ONLY (no in person).
  • Live-stream at 8:30am. Do your best to participate live.
  • Available on FacebookYoutube, or
  • Participate in the Home Huddle Sundays @10am or later in the week. Available here. 
  • Keep other ministries going - in particular, small groups.
  • If you know someone that is not on our email list and needs to know about this change, please forward this to them. 
  • If you know people who don't have email, please give them a call and let them know what's going on.