We are Alive in Christ in Groups for one another with one another.

We believe it is in relationships with other believers that people experience the fullness of what it means to be Alive in Christ. It is in groups where these kinds of relationships are formed. Our entire ministry of Saints Peter and Paul is broken into groups. We have three kinds of groups that encompass the full ministry: study, service, and common interest.


The purpose of these groups is primarily to study a topic. Some of these groups are ongoing. Some meet for a short period of time. Check the listing below to see what's currently available. 

These are some examples of Study Groups: home Bible study, Sunday morning study, Sunday school, midweek studies, etc 


The purpose of these groups is to serve. Many of these would typically be called "volunteer" positions, but we prefer to do everything in groups because we believe when we serve together we are stronger. Some of these groups are "internal" and serve within the walls of the church and some are "external" and serve our local community.

These are some examples of Service Groups: altar guild, praise team, greeters, ushers, snowplow/landscaping, Sunday morning coffee, prayer shawls, Dorcas, Love INC linens.

Common Interest

The purpose of these groups is to share life in Christ over common interests. We have a variety of different common interest groups that meet at different times. See the list above for what's currently happening. 

These are some examples of Common Interest Groups: Senior Saints, Youth Group, Church Softball, etc.