We've got some BIG things changing over the next few weeks. 

Some of them are due to Covid but not exclusively. We're positive that the changes we're making are blessings from God to be able to live and share in the vibrant life He has promised us in Christ! 

We're sharing 3 special announcements about our Fall Ministry in this email. 

Each announcement has a video and below the video are the bullet point details. 

Please check it all out and reach out to me if you have any questions:

Alive in Christ!
Pastor Aaron 

Rally Day - September 13th

  • Join us for our Fall Ministry Kick-Off beginning September 13th
  • Outdoor Worship begins at 10am
    • Bring your own chair
    • Or, bring a picnic blanket
    • Or, stay in your car 
    • Confirmation will take place for our young people who didn't have the opportunity in the spring. 
  • After Worship
    • BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic) 
      • That's right. This year, we are not serving any food. But, pack a picnic and even bring it with you to church. After worship is done, sit around, enjoy some food and conversation with your church family. 
      • Eating will take place outside. 
  • There will be no extra activities this year bounce house... :( 
  • If inclement weather: we will move everything inside and have overflow seating available in the gym. 

Sunday School Starts (Differently) September 20th

  • Sunday School will not take place in age-specific classrooms this year. 
  • Starting September 20th, our Sunday school format will take place between 10:00-10:45am in the gym. 
  • Families/Family groups (those with no kids can sit together with others with no kids). 
    • *Parents are responsible for their own children during this time. You will not be able to leave them on their own. 
  • Why are we doing this? 
    • We want to give you space to learn and put into practice spiritual disciplines that will teach you how to become Spiritually Vibrant Homes. 
    • Due to Covid - we also are not comfortable having kids in the classrooms at this time. 
  • Even without Covid, what we are seeking to do is foundational for what it means to be Spiritually Vibrant Homes. 
    • We will be producing lots of other content that will teach and encourage you to have Jesus be central to your home life.  
  • All of these materials will be made available to you online and sent to you so that you can engage with your households in ongoing Spiritual conversations. 

NEW Worship Service Time/Setting

  • On September 20th, we will be adding a 3rd worship service.
  • Worship will begin at 6pm in the gym. 
    • We invite you to come early, at 5:30pm, and bring your own food and eat dinner together. 
  • The setting will be a little different. 
    • It will be in the gym.
    • You will sit around tables. 
  • Many things will be familiar.
    • It will be the same Scripture, same sermon, and much of the same music as Sunday morning. 
  • Some things will be different. 
    • It will be a bit more casual.
    • There will be intentional times where the service pauses and you will have time to reflect and engage with those you're worshipping with. 
      • This will give time to mirror what happens during the Sunday morning Sunday School time and allow practical conversation time around what you're hearing and doing in worship. 
  • Who is invited to come?
    • Anyone! As a matter of fact, bring a friend with you. This could be a good service to invite someone who may be uncomfortable/unfamiliar with a more traditional church setting. 
  • We're looking for 50 people to commit to helping us start this service beginning September 20th.