Discipleship and Evangelism

At Saints Peter and Paul we live lives as holistic disciples and disciple-makers both locally and globally. We have monthly gatherings that serve as discipleship incubators and a "laboratory" to practice discipleship and evangelism conversations. Available live or on Zoom. 

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This page will be continuously built as a resource library for discipleship and evangelism resources, training, tips. Check back often. 

Holistic Discipleship

What is Holistic Discipleship?

5-3-1 Card

How do you begin a discipleship or evangelism relationship with someone else? We follow the 5-3-1 card. 

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This manual is good for one on one conversations with new/“baby” Christians or Biblically curious non-Christians. 



Prayer List

Print out this prayer list, put it in your Bible, and begin adding people that you are have connections and relationships with who you can intentionally invest in. Mark whether they are a believer, unbeliever or unknown. Add any details about what to pray for or how the relationship is developing. 

Printable Prayer List

On the importance of prayer in discipleship and evangelism