The Center is in need of donations for the following items, all year round:


Paper Supplies - Construction paper, colored paper (all weights), artist-grade paper for watercolors, tissue paper, coffee filters, paper plates (used for art and gross motor), leftover paper-towel and toilet-paper rolls, newspapers and magazines.

Additional project supplies - markers, watercolors, cray pas (aka oil pastels), chalk, mini aprons, muffin tins and cookie sheets, plastic containers, plastic bottle caps, and old puzzles (may be missing pieces).

Fine Motor Supplies - pipe cleaners, ribbons, string, beads, stickers, children’s scissors, buttons, golf tees, clothes pins, bubbles, pom poms, colored pencils, crayons, feathers.

Large Motor Supplies - masking and painter’s tapes, bean bags, frisbees, playground balls.

Sensory Table fillers - water-beads, wooden or plastic beads, glass “mancala” beads (a.k.a. decorative, round, or filler beads), aquarium rocks, nuts and bolts, magnetic letters, rice or beans (all colors). Small toys related to the earth, seasons and weather, plants, animals, dinosaurs, holidays, love, rainbows, healthy eating, teeth and dental health, transportation, etc.

Books - all preschool-age-appropriate books in great condition.

Gardening Supplies - seedlings or cuttings (flowers, trees, and vegetables), potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, tools, etc.

Please drop all donations off at Saints Peter and Paul Lutheran Church. For inquiries, please contact our director at

Scholarship Donations

The Center accepts monetary donations to alleviate the cost of tuition for students. To sponsor a student, or to learn more, please contact our director at


We need volunteers to help with check-in (7:30 to 8:00 a.m., check-out (5:00 - 5:30), lunch and outdoor play times (10:30-12:30). If you have thirty minutes to an hour of the day to spare, we would really appreciate you joining our team! If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please contact our director at