SEEKING: Director of Hospitality

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Director of Hospitality 

Please read the following volunteer job description and if interested email


Primarily this position exists to train and manage the Sunday Morning Volunteer groups to create a Hospitable environment in which members and nonmembers alike feel warmly welcomed on Sunday mornings. 

These groups include but are not limited to: Coffee Hour helpers, Greeters, Ushers, Lay Readers and Altar Guild members. There are a number of people who are responsible for creating the monthly schedules for these groups and our secretary, Judy Fenske, also schedules some of them. 

An ongoing goal would be to develop each of these service groups as an individual group with a specific group leader. The Hospitality Coordinator, would then work mostly with the group leaders for training and ongoing community and the leaders would schedule/lead their groups. 

In addition, as Hospitality Coordinator there is the opportunity to assist in planning special events such as Rally Day, Decorating for Christmas, Advent, Lent, Easter Breakfast, etc. 

Part of the responsibility of this position is to meet regularly with the Ministry Council, which consists of Pastor Gehrke, Marcus Huff (Director of Youth and Campus Ministry), Jaime Schuldt (Preschool Director/Lead Teacher), Rob and Anne Cooke (Director of Groups), Kerri Mayra (Director of Community Outreach), and Bryant Weathers (Director of Communications). The expected frequency of these meetings is twice a month but can change.