Full and Part Time Fees

ELC Tuition and Fees

The Center provides a year-round private education including certified care, a Christian environment, and highly trained staff. As a private, unsubsized program, the Center does not provide bussing or food at this time.


Full-Time Tuition

The Center's tuition is $208, per week for full-time enrollment. Full-time enrollment may be suspended (or added) during the summer. If full-time spots fill up during a suspension, the families will be given the opportunity to return to full time prior to losing their spots. All changes to enrollment may require 2 weeks to take effect, though we work hard to accomodate your schedule as soon as possible. Parents must pay for snow days and regular holidays, but are not responsible for scheduled "breaks;" there are four weeks annually which the center is closed and no tuition is due during that time.


Part-Time Tuition

Anyone not needing the full 10 hours per day may elect to pay the part-time rate for the hours their child attends. An hourly rate of $5 will apply. A family electing to enroll for 3 full days (10 hours per day) would pay the same as a family enrolling all 5 days for 6 hours a piece, since each would be paying for 30 hours total. The schedule must be agreed to ahead of time, and remain consistent for staffing purposes (unless arranged otherwise with the director). If a child misses a scheduled day, the rates still apply. Please contact the Director (preschool@copperluth.org) for more details.


Payment Details

Tution is due every Monday, prior to attendance. Parents may elect to pay weekly or monthly. If tuition is paid late without contacting the director first, a late fee may be applied. Regular late pick up will also result in a late fee. Tuition may be paid at the front office or online. Full details given upon enrollment.



Local donors have provided some funding for scholarships, if you would like to apply, please email the Director for the application. We also work with DHS for those who qualify.


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