Typical Day

Times Scheduled Activities
7:30 Check-In: Health Checks and Handwashing
8:00 Free Choice: Explore the room with stations
8:30 Circle Time: Check in and Schedule the Day
8:45 Toilet, Handwashing and Snack Time
9:30 Planned Indoor Curriculum (Reading/Math)
10:30 Planned Outdoor/Gym Curriculum
11:30 Toilet, Handwashing and Lunch Time
12:30 Story Time
12:45 Quiet Rest/Nap TIme
2:15 Music and Movement Activities
3:00 Toilet, Handwashing and Snack Time
3:45 Planned Indoor Curriculum (Art/Other)
4:45 Clean up and prep for dismissal
5:00 Circle Time: End of Day Check-Out routine
5:30 Center Closes