The Center

The Early Learning Center (ELC) is affectionately referred to as "the Center" within our community.


Our Services:

The Center will offer full-day educational services to pre-K children ages 3-4* years throughout the year, including summer. The Center will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday beginning in January of 2019. 


A typical day will include structured and unstructured play; art, songs and stories; rest times; outdoor exploration; physical challenges to improve motor skills and many other sensory activities. The preschool curriculum portions of the day are based on state and national standards and will include activities targeted to all aspects of a child's developmental needs including cognitive, behavioral, social, emotional, and physical health.


Enroll Your Child Now:


**Print Application Here**

We are accepting applications now. Admission and Withdrawal information may be found here.


Our Logo:

Like our church's flame logo, the three leaves in the Center's logo are symbolic of the Trinity; all three parts are working together to cultivate vitality in us and to make us more fully alive. Furthermore, the three leaves are a reference to the three prongs of our mision: fostering health, empathy, and independent in our students. The copper in the stem is a nod to our roots, while the green gradient represents a spectrum of spiritual growth. We may each be at a different point in our faith journey, but we are all on this adventure together.


Opportunities to help:

We need Volunteers to help with check-in and check-out and at meal times.

We need substitutes to cover four- and eight-hour shifts.

Contact the Director at to volunteer.


More information:

Parents' Day Out (a pre-registered single day option) will still be available at the church as well.


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*There will be some flexibility on ages. For full information on eligiblity, or questions pertaining to your child, please contact the Director at